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DR. Benazir Ahmed BPM (BAR)
President Dhaka Boat Club

On behalf of the Dhaka Boat Club I would like to welcome you to our website.

Latent in every human being is the innate quality of curiosity and the urge to follow something, the urge to know more about what pleases him, this develops into an interest, and then into a hobby such as Boating – a desire, which even transcends the realm of leisure time indulgence, a passion that led to the inception of the Dhaka Boat Club.

This is a moment of historic significance as this is the first Club of its kind in Dhaka. Located on the pristine and lush shores of the river Turag, it is that kind of club – where the flavors of fine life are to be savored by enjoying the essence of the serene splendor of nature while inside Dhaka city.

DBC is primary a Boating Club as its name suggests, however in addition to aquatic sports it will provide other sports facilities such as Angling, Tennis, Squash, Billiards and many more. In addition to this the Club will also serve as an oasis to an exclusive group of families to come and spend their free time and meet likeminded people.

By this website we aim to provide you with information about the club and keep you updated about events and other activities of the Club. The objective of the website will also be to record landmarks and events of Club history spanning from the day of its inception, as many of these might be blurred out of existence over time. Therefore creation of this site is a humble step to provide you with a comprehensive insight into many interesting and factual aspects of our Club. This is also in keeping with the commitment to make optimum use of the available technology of the 21st century.

The journey for Dhaka Boat Club has just started, and we have many miles to sail, hence we look forward to your active participation and always value your feedback.

DR. Benazir Ahmed BPM (BAR)
President Dhaka Boat Club Limited